City of London 2016

 ANTONIO THEO PINI City of London 2016 They had sailed from Deptford, from Greenwich, from Erith—the adventurers and the settlers; kings’ ships and the ships of men on ’Change; captains, admirals, the dark “interlopers” of the Eastern trade, and the commissioned “generals” of East India fleets. Hunters for gold or pursuers of fame, they all […]

Syria “Funeral in Tel Rifaat”

 ANTONIO THEO PINI Syria 2012 Title opera “Funeral in Tel Rifaat”   This is the funeral of seven Syrian civilian brothers, the last of their family to be completely exterminated; the year before, their parents, their seven wives and their fifteen children had all been killed in a different location in Syria because they were […]

It’s Probably Me

 ANTONIO THEO PINI It’s Probably Me   An image narrative of the journey of some migrants along the western route of Africa and the Sahel: they leave Mali, cross the Niger, arrive in Libya, and then in Europe.For them, this race towards the mirage of a modern, civilised continent is their only chance to gain […]

It’s Probably Me pt.1

 ANTONIO THEO PINI It’s Probably Me part.1   Then the torture and violence endured in Libya: they are given a voice, creating an intimate, up-close, and therefore violent portrait revealing the harshness of what they have experienced.

African Object

 ANTONIO THEO PINI African Object   And finally, a reception centre in Europe. Here, however, it only seems to be the end of history, the end of the civilisation of Western culture. In these sad and bare rooms, the precariousness and sense of alienation of those who, reluctantly, inhabit them can be felt from every […]


 ANTONIO THEO PINI Mediterraneo The Mediterranean Sea (briefly called the Mediterranean) is situated between Europe, North Africa and western Asia. It is a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean, on which it is dependent and to which it is connected in the west by the Strait of Gibraltar; the Bosporus Strait connects it in the […]