The Mediterranean Sea (briefly called the Mediterranean) is situated between Europe, North Africa and western Asia. It is a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean, on which it is dependent and to which it is connected in the west by the Strait of Gibraltar; the Bosporus Strait connects it in the north-east to the Black Sea while the artificial Suez Canal connects it in the south-east to the Red Sea and then to the Indian Ocean. Its approximate surface area is 2.51×106 km² with a maximum development along the parallels of approximately 3700 km, the total length of its coastline is 46000 km, the average depth is around 1500 m, the maximum 5270 m at the Peloponnese coastline, while the average salinity varies between 36.2 and 39%.The population in the states bathed by its waters, known as the Mediterranean basin, amounts to approximately 450 million people.


From up here, the Earth is beautiful, without borders or boundaries.

Jurij Alekseevič Gagarin