AMERICA Part.1 Mali-Libia 2018

“AMERICA” part.1

Photography is art, an aesthetic fact or a means of social documentation or something else, something broader. Photography is often understood as a real modus operandi and a living expression of a massified Society, where it is often only a mere cultural pretext that conceals and manipulates truths instead of making them visible.
AMERICA is a photographic project divided into three parts, conceived by the Italian photographer Antonio Theo Pini and by Sadu, an African immigrant.
It is the photographic documentation of a journey from Mali to Italy, on the trail of one of the many routes of African migrants.
It is the intent to produce images that are not polluted by any professional technical alteration and that instead maintain their value of documentary authenticity.
The route crosses three countries, Mali, Niger, Libya and then finally set step in Europe.
The first part of the journey was documented by over a thousand photos taken with a compact digital camera and an analogue reflex camera with thirty rolls of black and white and color film. From Bamako, the capital of Mali, and crossing the Sahara desert to Sabha, in south-central Libya.