AMERICA Part.1 Mali-Libia 2018

“AMERICA” part.1

America is a photo essay divided into three parts, conceived by an Italian photographer, Antonio Theo Pini and Sadu, a migrant African seller of counterfeit goods resident in Livorno /Italy. The purpose is to produce the photographic documentation of a trip from Mali to Italy, tracing the route of African migrants, as independent as possible by alterations and professional choices. The route crosses three countries, Mali, Niger, Libya and a stretch of Mediterranean Sea from Tripoli to Lampedusa. The first part of the journey has already been documented by over a thousand pictures taken with a compact digital and an analog SLR with thirty black&white and color rolls. From Bamako, the capital of Mali, and crossing the Sahara desert to Shebha in central-southern Libya. Here they decided to stop the trip with the intention of saving photographic equipment and all the work done up to that point. Timbuktu, Kidal, Gao, Agadez, El Gatrun are just some of the cities encountered along the way.
The second part of the trip involves the crossing of the Libyan territory from Shebha to Tripoli from where illegal embarkation departs for Italy; the third and last part, is the crossing of the sea section that leads migrants from Tripoli to the southern coasts of Sicily.