AMERICA Part.2 2018

AMERICA The second part of the Project is a documentation represented by portraits of young people and adults supported by their writings and drawings.
Melancholic and dramatic narratives that describe the dreams and expectations of a journey that has taken them to idealized and alienating places in search of a future.
Migration appears to be the only possibility of liberation and survival, the hope of definitive closure from realities constituted by fragmented cultural identities and a history that bears witness to predatory and exploitative policies that lead to poverty and marginalization and distant scenarios of true autonomy.
Leaving Africa and becoming part of a modern, globalized Europe is a dream worth dying for, even to the risk of thwarting one’s own intentions.
Courage, dreams and desires for emancipation are mixed together and merge in the desert, in the sea, in the nights, in the infinite horizons all the way to the lager in Libya, other torture and humiliation in an attempt to put an end to a life lived under the sign of impossibility.